Support & Update Subscription - What's Included?

Visual Engineering's unique approach to support means that we want you to be completely satisfied, if not amazed, by KavaChart and sometimes that means helping with how KavaChart is used not just how to use KavaChart. Simply, we don't stop answering questions when you get to the "edges" of KavaChart. Whether it's a scripting question or proposing a "best practices" approach to critical integration and deployment issues we want you to be successful. The fact is, your success makes our value proposition extremely compelling.

ProServe, Enterprise and Source Edition

The ProServe, Enterprise, and Source Edition include 30 days of free support, updates and use of our chart designer, the KavaChart Wizard. Thereafter, these support services may be purchased on an annual basis, go to Pricing.

Support includes unlimited email access, our on-line support link and phone support on an as-available basis. The vast majority of support issues are resolved within 1 – 4 hours and the remainder within 24 hours.

Product updates occur between 2 and 4 times per year. Users with a current support and update subscription receive a courtesy email notice letting them know a new release is available, a summary of bug fixes and/or enhancements, and instructions to download the new release.

Chart Wizard
The Support and Update subscription also includes the use of our Chart Designer, the KavaChart Wizard. Download the Wizard (an applet) to design and customize your charts. In addition to a variety of easy to use features and design tools the Wizard includes methods for simulating data or connect to your actual data source(s). Once you have your chart looking the way you want, with or without a live date connection, the Wizard writes the code and you've got awsome charts – talk about productive, that's worth the price of our subscription services alone!


The AlaCarte Applet bundles include free email support and 30 days use of our chart designer, the KavaChart Wizard. The Wizard allows you to select applets from the collection(s) you've purchased, edit an extensive set of attributes to achieve the custom look you want and then cut and past the resulting code into your page. It couldn't be easier, highly customizable plug-n-play applets.

In addition, the applets come with easy to follow documentation, so if there's a little additional tweaking you need, use our comprehensive library of PARAM tags, and you can edit any chart attribute. Although not as easy as using the KavaChart Wizard our PARAM tags make it possible to customize every conceivable chart attribute. You don't need to know anything about Java, or coding, or very much about HTML.

Want to use the KavaChart Wizard after the initial 30 days? You can purchase a 12 month subscription, go to Pricing.

Chart Wizard
Create "plug 'n' play" charts

Chart Wizard